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If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count! This is a philosophy that the Sardines live by. Tommy and Ingrid started their PPLSI journey in 2001, after getting the service and utilizing the preferred member discount.

Tommy spent 20 years as a law enforcement officer, and Ingrid worked in the health care field as an administrator for 15 years. They also had other businesses on the side. Before PPLSI, they would both have long commutes to work in addition to working overtime and doing other businesses, thus taking time away from their family and the pursuit of their dreams.

For three years a coworker tried to share this incredible service and opportunity. Finally, Tommy decided to take a look at it. He immediately saw the value in the service and knew that this is a service that people need. They attended their first leadership summit in 2001 to learn more about the company. That is the event where the Performance Club was launched! It changed their lives! They have never missed qualifying for the Performance Club since its inception.

They are so thankful for the PPLSI opportunity. They were both blessed to spend more time with their family, create an income and qualify for all-expenses paid trips earned through the Performance Club. They do all of that while working from home with a quick commute from their bedroom to their office.

They are so thankful to God for blessing Mr. Stonecipher with such a vision. They are thankful for their PPLSI team and family, as they could not have accomplished these goals and income levels without them. Their biggest blessing is to watch their sons catch the vision of where PPLSI is going and knowing that as a family, with the grace of God, they will be changing lives.

Their next goal is to solidify their Platinum Executive Director position with PPLSI and attain their next PPLSI Ring.

They continuously inspire people to dream and help them achieve their dreams. They believe success is the realization of a worthwhile dream! Success is a choice.

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