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"While on a trip to Chicago, I booked a hotel whose website promoted “Stay 3 Nights, Get 2 Nights Free.” Our trip was for 5 nights, so I chose that hotel specifically for the savings as I would only have to pay 3 nights. Well upon checking out, they told me I owed all 5 nights. I pointed to the sign at their registration desk and said I was expecting the promotion to count. They did not apply the discount and I ended up paying all 5 nights. When I got home, I called my LegalShield law firm to ask for advice and inquire about my legal rights. They decided to write a letter to the hotel on my behalf and 10 days later I got a certified check in the mail for $150 for the 2 nights the hotel overcharged me! This is just one of many times LegalShield has helped my family.”


If you are wondering if this is a service you need, ask yourself...

  • Do I need a Will? What happens to my child if I don’t have a Will?

  • Have I ever been overcharged or treated unfairly? What are my rights?

  • What would I do if my identity was stolen or compromised? What about my child’s identity?

  • If I received a traffic ticket in another state or city, what would I do?

  • Have I ever put off decisions because I don’t know what to do next?

In these situations, you could be the hero for your family. With an app on your phone, you’ll always know what next steps to take. And in the hands of the top-rated law firms, you’ll always have someone to guide you and fight for you.


Fact: LegalShield Provider Law Firms have helped members save/recover over 132 million dollars in the past 5 years!



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The LegalShield app keeps you in contact with your legal team even when you need emergency legal access. All it takes is a touch, and you're on your way.

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“We’d leased a beautiful home in San Diego for two years, and made sure it was in excellent condition before moving out – far better than when we moved in! During the walk-through with the leasing agent, she kept saying how great the house looked and thanked us several times. Within a week of moving to TX, the CA leasing company let us know they’d be returning our $3500 deposit LESS $1450 for the “huge gouge in the rosewood floors in the dining room”. We responded that it must have happened after we gave the keys back and sent them all the photos we’d taken during the walk-through. We went round and round, and when they accused is of editing the time stamps on the photos, we decided to call LegalShield. Our new Texas provider firm forwarded our issue to the California provider firm, and the CA attorney called us back, had us send in everything to review, and that attorney fired off a 2 ½ page letter to the leasing company, using all sorts of legalese and citing the hundreds of complaints against their leasing company from other tenants who didn’t get their deposit back, either. Within one week, via certified mail, we received a cashier’s check for $1450.”


I can't state enough how empowered we felt after talking with [my provider lawyer]! We felt stuck in a tough situation with a car dealership after purchasing one of their vehicles and needed to know our rights. Our attorney called us right away and quickly understood our predicament. She was very kind, and clear about what we could do to solve the problem and what she could do to help. It meant a great deal to know our issues weren't simply just “unfortunate,” but that we could work towards a solution! With [our provider lawyer]’s guidance, we were able to proceed and negotiate our terms with the dealership, and in the end, they chose to rectify the situation. An experience like this is very empowering, and the favorable outcome would not have happened without your help. I said to [my provider lawyer] "thanks for helping the 'Little Guy!’" Sincerely, thank you.